Food Testing

Gribbles Labnet offers a comprehensive range of food product testing, including both analytical chemistry and microbiology from its Dunedin laboratory. We also have collection sites located in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Christchurch facilitating a convenient sample 'drop off' service for clients throughout New Zealand.

Some examples of the types of foods tested include, but are not limited to, meat and meat products, small goods, composite foodstuffs, bakery products, eggs, fish, spices, and all differing types of ingredients.

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality, rapid turnaround service, delivered by friendly, helpful scientific staff who are available to discuss your requirements and results with you personally.


Analytical chemistry

Gribbles Labnet specialise in nutritional information panels, offering superior turnaround times with certificate and breakdown relating to portion size.

Testing for compliance with food regulations is another routine service offered by Gribbles Labnet; this encompasses preservative levels such as nitrites/nitrates, sulphur dioxide, Sorbic acid, phosphates, pie filling and meat content.

The range of compositional testing offered includes proximate analysis: fat, protein, mineral content, collagen, salt, lipid profiles and phosphorus. We can also test for a range of vitamins, including vitamin B12.

We employ standard methodologies to carry out many reference procedures such as Soxhlet fats and Kjeldhal nitrogen, together with a wide range of trace elements and heavy metals, including lead, zinc, selenium and mercury.



Gribbles Labnet performs major pathogen testing, such as Listeria, Salmonella and Campylobacter, employing several accredited methods (both IANZ and LAS) to cater for various industry requirements. This testing is performed on product, ingredients and environmental swabs and water.

A full range of hygiene testing is also available, both product and environmental, with our experienced microbiologists available to discuss results in order to ensure that you get the full value from your investment. This service is a valuable component of any product quality and safety program.

To enquire about how our bespoke food testing solutions may be of benefit to your organisation, or to request a brochure, please visit our website or contact us.